Daisy AnalysisDaisy AutoBackup/FTP

The Auto Backup/FTP is a comprehensive program for all your backup, FTP and file compression or zipping needs :-

  • Backup - Backup all of your files safely to another drive, directory or computer on the network.

    Backups can also be performed cyclically on a day of the week or month of the year basis.

  • FTP - Backups can also be performed using an FTP process, so that your backups are performed to a secure location on the Internet or your corporate Intranet.

    The Auto Backup/FTP also has a fully-functional FTP processor for checking, managing and updating an FTP site.

  • Zipping - Backups can sometimes be too large, so the program can also create compressed or zipped files for backups and other purposes.

  • Web Publising - Automatic publishing of documents to the Internet can also be performed.

    Note that simple techniques allow these to be published in either an open or a zipped form.

The Auto Backup/FTP is controlled by a series of up to thirty profiles, each of which handles one particular transfer. Profiles can be run at specific frequencies, selectively and they can even be controlled directly using a Windows service.

Look at the program dialog to see how many features are available.

The program is downloaded from the Internet as part of the Daisy Web Tools. Temporary registration codes allow you run the program for 30 days without paying any charges.

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