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The Daisy Double Browser is one of the Daisy Web Tools and started as a demonstration program, both for the technology involved and the controls developed by James Miller of Daisy Analysis. It shows two separate web browsers in the same dialog.

Double Browser - Click for large

Shown here are two pages related to the web site and help for the Daisy Double Browser.

It has now evolved into a useful program, that can perform tasks such as :-

  • Decoding web pages to read keywords, title and meta tags.
  • Checking that two parallel web sites, such as English and Welsh versions, are synchronised.
  • Perform simple FTP put and get.
  • Create simple HTML pages.

If you want to know more download and install the Daisy Multiple Browser. This will also install the Daisy Double Browser, which can then be run to show its features. The built-in help explains everything in detail.

Note that if you register the Daisy Multiple Browser, all features of the Daisy Double Browser are unlocked.

James Miller

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