Daisy AnalysisEditing Browser - Edit Web Pages

A web page is edited by displaying the page in the Daisy Editing Browser and clicking Edit.

Editing a Web Page

Consider what happens when a web page is edited by clicking the red-circled button.

A simple dialog which allows all the FTP settings and directories to be entered.

Edit Dialog

Note how the web address or URL of the web page is split into a web site of www.celiamiller.com, a blank directory and a file of index.html.

The host, user and password that control the FTP must be entered. These parameters are obtained from your ISP. Use Test to check that they are valid and work correctly.

A working directory, where the file is stored on your computer must also be entered. This will correspond to the base directory of the web site, which in this case is www.celiamiller.com.

In the example the file will be stored locally as C:\EBWork\celiamillercom\index.html.

Once OK is clicked in the dialog, the web page is downloaded to the working directory and then opened using the HTML editor.

Editing a Web Page

The editor works in a very conventional way. The toolbox at the right hand side is self-explanatory and inserts commonly used HTML.

Once OK is clicked both the local and web copies of the page are updated.