Daisy AnalysisDaisy - Web Print OCX

The Daisy Print HTML File uses an ActiveX component called Dazy2006WebPrint, that can be incorporated into other programs and distributed to third parties.

This component has all of the features needed to print HTML files and can be installed into any program written in a language like Visual Basic or Delphi, that supports Active X components.

Programming of the component is very simple and a test Visual Basic program call Daisy Print HTML Test is installed with the Daisy Web Tools. This is a slightly simplified version of the Daisy Print HTML File, which works without registration.

This enables full program development to be performed without purchase. However, unregistered controls do display several annoying messages instead!

Registration for distribution costs  29.99 or $ 49.99 and is through PayPal.

Register the Dazy2006WebPrint ActiveX Control!

Note that the registration code is the same as for all other versions of the control.

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