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The Daisy Page Pull is one of the Daisy Web Tools, that can pull a web page or other file from the Internet, using standard HTTP protocol. No IDs, passwords or FTP parameters are required for the transfer.

Pulled files can be displayed as a document, as source or as binary.

Page Pull

Just enter the URL to be pulled, set whether it is 'Ascii' or 'Binary', and then click Pull.

The image shows what happened when one of the suggested URL was pulled.

Note :-

  1. The 2006 version of the program, allows the pull directory to be set. The file is given the same name as that on the Internet.

  2. Suggest a Test URL can be used to set a series of test files to be pulled.

  3. The Daisy Page Pull can't be used unless the Daisy Multiple Browser is registered.

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