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Providing Independent Solutions for Copying, Faxing and Document Processing


Primus One Ltd. is a division of the Primus One Group of companies.


In recent times, we have sought an ideal position to accomodate a broad range of copying and fascimile applications.

  • Independent Solutions - We pride ourselves in not being tied to any one manufacturer.  We will be led by the customer's solution and not the manufacturer's profitability.

  • Extensive Range of Copiers and Fascimiles - Our vast portfolio is unique in its breadth from simple desktop solutions to super high volume copiers.

  • Copy Control Systems - We have formed a strategic partnership that enables us to offer the best copy control systems, tailored to the needs of our customers.

  • Standalone or Fully-Networked - Systems can be fully integrated to your office systems for maximum efficiency and better cost control.

  • Recharging Using Smart Cards - We have solutions, such as smart cards, which can be used when recharging to third-parties has to be implimented.

  • Auditing - Copy data management software can be supplied by Primus One, for auditing purposes.

  • Sales and Servicing - Our experience in this evolving market place must be considered amongst the strongest.

We trust that you will find this information. However for more information call our offices, or send us an e-Mail.


Mike Edwin

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