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Policyholder FAQ

The Warranty Co.Com is delighted to welcome you to the growing number of motorists who are enjoying the exceptional benefits of buying a car that is covered by our products.

We hope that your vehicle provides you with many years of trouble free motoring, however, should you find yourself in need of our assistance we will provide you with a seamless and professional service that gives you the full satisfaction you demand, whatever the requirement.

Please refer to your policy document and schedule for full details of your cover.

Some of the most important questions you might have are detailed.

What should I do if my vehicle breaks down?
If your vehicle breaks down, we recommend you contact the supplying dealer or one of our approved repairers to book your vehicle in. Please call the claims department on 0870 803 4708 if you need details of the nearest approved repairer.

What if I breakdown and want to use my local repairer?
It is preferred that you use the supplying dealer or one of our approved repairers whose workmanship and quality is closely monitored to ensure that they are providing the best customer service. However, if you want to use your local repairer, you must make sure that they follow The Warranty Co's claims procedures and send their invoice with any required supporting documentation, quoting the claims authority number, to:

T&G Claims Management,
2 Gibralter House,
Bowcliffe Road,
Leeds LS10 1HB

Telephone: 0870 803 4708

Please note: Where the policyholder wishes to nominate a repairer, the labour content of any claim will be limited to the approved labour rate.

When is my service due?
Your Vehicle must be serviced at the Repairer in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations detailed in the Vehicle's Servicing Handbook, or within a tolerance of 30 days or 1,000 miles whichever occurs first, of the stipulated service interval.

May I transfer my Policy if I sell my car?
Subject to Our approval and the Vehicle being free from defect, this policy may only be transferred with the Vehicle to a new private owner. Application must be made at the time of the change of ownership and the fee of 30.00 including VAT must be sent to the Administrator.

Under no circumstances can this policy be transferred to another Vehicle or to, or via any member of the motor trade.

May I renew my Policy when it has expired?
Your policy is renewable at the discretion of the insurers. Please contact us for full details.