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It is recommended that you take a few minutes to read this simple help page, which describes how to use the Daisy Analysis Web Site.

Menu Navigation

The menu at the left of the pages is the main method of navigating from page to page in the Web Site.

Click on each item in the menu and appropriate pages will be shown. If there are any sub-pages then the menu will be expanded to show the various options available.

As an example, click on Products and the items; AddressWise, bmpGalore, Daisy etc. will be shown. Some of these, such as Daisy, have further sub-options which are shown when they are selected.

Note how when another branch of the menu is chosen, the previous branching is closed.


Note that some of the menu items have tooltips to help in further understanding the menu and easing the navigation.


Shown at the top of each page to the right are a series of simple links, that perform various functions in the Web Site.

The same link always acts in the same way.

Next and Previous

Two of the links at the top of each page are Next and Previous :-

  • Next goes to the next page in the menu at the same level.

  • Previous goes to the previous page in the menu at the same level.

Note that Next and Previous do not jump from one sub-menu to another. If there is no possible link then Next and Previous are shown in grey.

Tooltips are again used to ease navigation in Next and Previous.


You've obviously got here, so you can see what happens if you click the Help link at the top of each page.


Print doesn't actually print the page, but displays a version of the page which has been simplified by removing the menu and any defined width.

The page is printed in the normal way using the Print command in your Web Browser, such as Internet Explorer or Netscape.