Daisy Analysis Computing for Lawyers and Other Professionals

James Miller has been married to his wife Celia for a long time. She has been a practicising barrister for over thirty years and their middle son is also a criminal law solicitor.

These family connections and their many legal friends, give him a very deep insight into the problems that lawyers and other professionals face, whilst trying to make sense of all the modern computing and the Internet.

Services offered include :-

  • Web Site Creation and Analysis - We design web sites, that are aimed very much towards the practical, the creation of new business, the retention of existing and the improvement of the company or organisation's efficiency.

  • Updating of Existing Web Sites - A lot of our work concerns the taking of existing phase one web sites and integrating them into your method of working.

  • Internet and Computer Training - James has many years experience in legal computing and understands the needs of the lawyer, who has too little time to update their skills. Courses can be given that are eligible for Continuous Professional Development Points.

  • Spam, Virus and Threat Management - The Internet brings a lot of problems in the shape of spam, viruses and other threats. We have many years experience in how to manage these and all the other nasties of the Internet. Our solutions are designed around common sense, standard e-mail programs and virus protection, and methods freely available on the Internet, that integrate simply into your working methods.

  • Specialist Analysis - James' other main area of interest is the analysis of databases using the specialist software called Daisy. Typical applications include the analysis of telephone calls to minimise costs, name and address lists for duplicates and possible fraud, and crime and event databases for correlations and linkages.

  • Checking People, Companies and Organisations - The Internet is a powerful resource for checking out individuals and organisations. We can provide software, such as Daisy MI, or show you how you can quickly check their probity, location and history.

All of this expertise has been published in a book called Making the Most of the Internet.

Daisy Analysis
July 1st, 2006

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