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Daisy Analysis is fully committed to providing solutions, that are completely Year 2000 Compliant.

How each of the Products are Services of the company is affected is described below. Other products, such as bmpGalore and Chastity, which have nothing to do with dates, are completely unaffected.

Visual Basic

Daisy Analysis have followed all of the recommendations of Microsoft in their Visual Basic 6.0 programming.

It is advised, that any old versions of software, written in Visual Basic 5.0 or earlier are upgraded to the latest versions. In practice this is only version of Daisy earlier than version 4.0.


Year 2000 Compliance for Daisy is described in full, in the Daisy Web Site.

Note that Daisy is an ideal program for analysing databases, to examine if the data itself, complies with the rules, you and your company have laid down.

Daisy TMS

Daisy TMS is not affected, as all dates are handled as yyyymmdd.