DaisyLowest Cost Message Distribution

The Problem

A typical company has a large number of customers, all of whom need to be informed of new and updated products, special offers, technical support and other details.

One of the problems is that where some customers have a high degree of computer knowledge and sophistication with full Internet and E-Mail facilities, most only have Fax for urgent transmissions. Some still rely on the Royal Mail!

To add to the problem, this customer base is volatile and changes frequently. Customers are also improving their IT literacy and thus E-Mail addresses are becoming more common.

The Costs

The typical costs of message delivery vary considerably.

E-Mail is essentially free or nearly so once you have your Internet subscription, wheras faxes cost around a few pennies for each page. Letters in the UK cost 26 pence for up to 60 gm.

So in most cases with simple messages, E-Mail will deliver the message at lowest cost, followed by fax and then letter. Only with long multi-page faxes will the letter cost less, but delivery will obviously be much slower.

The AddressWise Solution

AddressWise holds all details of each customer or contact in a single database.

Single messages can be sent or written by selecting the appropriate record, choosing the message type and then entering the message. All messages are logged and stored in a database, so that all messages can be retrieved, resent and printed as necessary.

Note that the structure of AddressWise means that all messages no matter what the method of delivery are entered and stored in the same way. Thus, if you fail to deliver an E-Mail, it can be converted immediately to a fax and resent.

The real power of AddressWise is that once you are satisfied with a message, you can then distribute it to all or selected individuals in the database.

By E-Mail - Distribute to everyone with an E-Mail address.
By Fax - Distribute to everyone with a Fax number.
By Letter - Distribute to everyone by letter.

By E-Mail, Fax or Letter - The lowest-cost method, where the message is distributed by E-Mail if possible, then fax and letter.

This flexibility in delivery means that you can always satisfy your requirments and those of your clients and contacts, in not only the most appropriate way, but the one with the lowest-cost.


Copyright 1998 by James Miller of Daisy Analysis