DaisyStatement Distribution

The Problem

Your company has a large number of accounts, all of whom need to have statements sent each month, summarising all of the recent purchases.

The cost is significant in that each of your 2,000 accounts costs you an envelope and a 25p postage in addition to all of the people costs in putting the statements in the envelopes.

The yearly cost of the postage alone is 6,000!

The AddressWise Solution

AddressWise can't be used directly to distribute a specialist document, such as a statement, but it can hold all of the names, addresses, fax numbers and E-Mail addresses. If your accounting system already holds all of this information, then AddressWise can be attached indirectly to that database.

A customised AddressWise statement distribution program is available from Daisy Analysis for a typical one-off price of 1,000. This program is then used to distribute the statements in the most economical manner, by E-Mail, Fax and if there is no other method by letter.

Even if only half of the statements can be distributed in this manner, substantial savings are possible.


Copyright 1998 by James Miller of Daisy Analysis