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The Distribution Dialog

Can I Distribute an Adobe Acrobat Document?
How Do I Check the Faxes have been Delivered?
How Do I Distribute a Document?

The Distribution Dialog

Distribute Dialog

All distribution is controlled from this dialog.

Can I Distribute an Adobe Acrobat Document?


AddressWise has been designed so that Adobe Acrobat documents can be distributed directly. (Just as AddressWise has also been designed to distribute documents produced by all Windows 95 or NT programs.)

How Do I Check the Faxes have been Delivered?

FaxWise provides a program called Log Viewer, which checks on the status of all Faxes sent to the server.

Start the Log Viewer from the Start Program Menu.

Start Program Menu

The program shows all Faxes as a simple list.

How Do I Distribute a Document?

Prepare the Document, be it Word, Adobe Acrobat or whatever, and check that it is correct.

Open the Phone Book to be used for distribution and then click the Distribute button. This will display the dialog, shown at the beginning of this section of the FAQ.

Select the names of people, who will receive the document. Just click on everybody, who is to receive it, or you can use Select All to choose everyone.

Then choose the type of message to be sent. Here as we are distributing an Adobe Acrobat document, File/Document has been selected.

Then select the document using the Browse button. You can check the file, using the Edit File button.

Various methods of distribution are available. Here, By E-Mail, Fax or Letter has been chosen, which will use those methods in order, to perform a lowest-cost distribution.

The chosen document, will be E-Mailed as an attachment or Faxed with a header sheet. For any recipients, who do not have either E-Mail or Fax, a Compliments Slip will be generated.

When you are satisfied with all of the options, just click Distribute to perform the distribution.

A series of dialogs will be presented that control the distribution.

The first displays what will be distributed and allows the user to check that the distribution is correct.

Distribute Check

Note the two Format buttons, which can be used to check that the E-Mail and Fax Formats are correct.

You can distribute the document invidually to the recipients, by checking the two boxes. In most cases and certainly with anything other than Word, don't!

When you are happy, click Distribute.

AddressWise will then ask you to connect to the Internet, if you haven't already done so.

E-Mails are distributed first, after which the Faxes are sent from the dialog shown.

Distribute Faxes

As AddressWise has been designed to distribute any document, the program uses a very general method of distribution.

Click Edit/Print to start the appropriate program. In our example, Adobe Acrobat will be called and the selected document will be opened.

Then in the opened program, check that the Printer has been correctly set to FaxWise. This is because some programs like Word hold the printer in the document.

The document is then printed normally, using the FaxWise printer. The FaxWise driver screen will be shown.

FaxWise Control

Click Search Phone Book and then select all of the Names in the selected Phone Book.

Click Add Cover to add an appropriate cover sheet.

Finally, click Send to send the Fax.

Whilst the document is being delivered the following message will be shown on the screen, normally in the bottom left.

Send in Action

When this message closes and disappears, the Fax has been delivered to the FaxWise server via the Internet. You can now close the program associated with the document and click Continue on the distribute faxes dialog.

Distribute Faxes

Any Letters and the Print Summary, will now be printed.

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