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News and Press Cuttings about Daisy and Daisy Analysis will be posted regularly on this page.

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May 27, 2000   Daisy EasyMap OCX

An ActiveX component for the getting of maps from EasyMap has been added.

This can be downloaded from James Miller's VB Web Site.


May 20, 2000   Daisy URL Read

An ActiveX component for the testing and reading of URLs has been added.

This can be downloaded from James Miller's VB Web Site.


April 18, 2000   Daisy OCX 2000 Draw

Daisy OCX 2000 Draw is now well on the way to be launched and we are inviting those interested to contact Daisy Analysis by E-Mail.

This is the full Draw OCX which enables a user to insert full Daisy functionality into any program.


March 18, 2000   Daisy OCX 2000 Shell Launched

Daisy OCX 2000 Shell was launched on the 18th March, 2000.

This is the simple Shell OCX which enables a user program to call any of the versions of Daisy 2000.


March 10, 2000   Daisy Lite 2000 Applet

The Daisy Lite 2000 Applet has now been created for building into user systems, that require simple data mining and visualisation.


February 1, 2000   Daisy 2000 Launched

Daisy 2000 was launched on the 1st February, 2000.


January 28, 2000   Daisy Search 2000

Daisy Search is a free download for use with Daisy that uses data mining and visualisation techniques to improve the searching performance of your favourite search engine.


January 19, 2000   Daisy 2000 is Nearly Complete

Daisy 2000 is complete with the exception of the on-line Help.

Four versions can now be downloaded from the Internet; Daisy Lite 2000, Daisy Lite 2000 Web, Daisy Lite 2000 Web and Daisy 2000. These versions replace all existing versions of Daisy 4.11 and Daisy 4.50.


January 4, 2000   Daisy Lite 2000 Web

This is the new version of Daisy 2000, that analyses Web Site Log Files.

View the Web Site for Daisy Lite 2000 Web.


November 12, 1999   Daisy 2000

Two preliminary versions of Daisy 2000 are now loaded onto the Internet.

These are upgrades to Daisy 4.11 and feature greater limits and performance.

Download Daisy Lite 2000 by downloading the Daisy Lite 4.11 Upgrade and downloading Daisy Lite 2000 Upgrade after registration.

An upgrade to Daisy Lite 4.11 Plus is downloaded in a similar way.


August 19, 1999   Techniques - Duplicate Records

Notes on how to use Daisy to locate duplicate records have been added.


August 19, 1999   News Created

The Daisy News pages has been added.

Some might say about time too!

But then we've been very busy!


August 6, 1999   BodgeIt

Daisy Analysis has launched a pre-release version of BodgeIt, a Web Site Management and Update tool.

See the BodgeIt page for more details.

Note that this News page is created using the Database Publishing facility of BodgeIt.


July 19, 1999   Daisy Opener

The Daisy Opener is added to the Web Site.

Use this program to run Daisy from your Visual Basic program.