Daisy Analysis BodgeIt! - Multiple Sites


The BodgeIt! approach of using an HTML fragment for each page and a series of parameters to build each Web Site, means that by changing a few parameters the whole look of the Web Site can be changed.

Examples of multiple Web Sites range from the simple to the very complex :-

  • A site is to be placed on several servers, with different URLs.

  • Logos and style must be changed to suit different agents or resellers of the products or services.

  • Sites where different widths and font sizes are to be accommodated to suit a wide range of users.

  • Complex, but simple-in-execution sites, which must have different setups for graphics, text, printing and WAP, where changing between sites is seamless for both the user and the designer.

Conventions have been applied which dictate that the profile used to edit and built the Web Site in the first place is the main profile. All others are secondary profiles.