Daisy Analysis BodgeIt! - The BodgeIt! Approach


Consider the files and associated information used to create a Web Site :-
  1. Each Web Page is a separate HTML file, which can be created with any one of a number of software packages such as Microsoft Front Page.

  2. These pages are often linked to other files, such as graphics or documents, which are also stored on the Web Site.

  3. Then there is all of the parameters, such as the Web Site Address (http://www.daisy.co.uk for example), the user name and password needed to upload the files and the FTP Address of the site.

BodgeIt! takes all of the parameters and information about the files and stores them all in a profile.

You can have a large number of profiles on your computer, usually one for each Web Site that you are designing, building and uploading.

BodgeIt! also has a series of Program Modes, geared to the type of action you are performing with the Web Site.