Daisy Analysis BodgeIt! - Small Changes to Web Sites


There are several problems with making changes to a Web Site :-
  • Can you remember where the files are stored on both your computer and the Web Site?

  • If you are unfamiliar with HTML, can you be sure that you can find the page you want to modify?

  • Do you know how to upload the changes?

  • If someone developed the site, have you got everything you need?

Whilst BodgeIt! is not perfect, it has been designed to make everything as simple as possible.

For instance, because it keeps all of the information together in a profile, everything is available all of the time.

You just open the profile that defines the Web Site and start making changes immediately. When you have finished just upload and close the profile.

Consider changing a page in the Argenta Web Site, by just selecting it in the database.

Argenta Pages

And then calling the editor.


After the page has been changed, upload it to the Web Site directly from the toolbar.