Daisy Analysis BodgeIt! - Lightning Fast


Click on the menu at the left and see how long each page takes to load.

Hopefully only a few seconds each, with more for pages with a graphic.

Now look at a site such as that for Mandarin Oriental Hotels.

It's pretty. Yes!

But on a dial-up line it takes about half a minute to download the first page.

Web Sites with lots of graphics, video, audio and all sorts of bells and whistles have their place, but many users think they are a waste of time.

Suppose you just want to book a room at the Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong, which is one of the world's best, do you really want to have all the sales graphics?

Of course you don't!

But those flash advertising people who designed their Web Site think you do!

So we have designed BodgeIt! so that it can create graphics-style menus, that are in fact totally text!

That is why all Web Sites created by BogeIt! are Lightning Fast. Or at least as fast, as the World Wide Wait will allow them to be!