Daisy Analysis BodgeIt! - Synchronise Web Site


One of the problems with designing, building and uploading Web Sites is that you can get into rather a mess, if you do things in a less than systematic manner.

For instance, sometimes files get uploaded by mistake, with wrong names or they don't get updated when they should be.

BodgeIt! has a unique Synchronise WWW with Local command that can be used to check and then update the respective Internet and Local copies of the Web Site.

Called from the WWW menu, it presents the user with the following dialog.

Synronise Dialog - Click for large

When OK is clicked, BodgeIt! takes details of both the WWW and the local directories and merges them to create a comparison.

Synronise Listing - Click for large

Note the various buttons, which can be used to move files to and from the WWW and also to delete unwanted files if required.

The Web Site shown is the one you are looking at!