Daisy Analysis BodgeIt! - HTML - <A HREF...> - Link


This is used to indicate a hyperlink in the page or fragment.

Links can be entered using the Link icon in the toolbox.

A typical example to link to the URL http://www.daisy.co.uk/, which is the Daisy Analysis Web Site would be :-

  <A HREF="http://www.daisy.co.uk/"><B>Daisy Analysis</B></A>

And to a reference, Bottom defined by <A NAME="Bottom"> using :-

  <A HREF="#Bottom"><B>Bottom of Page</B></A>

You can also send E-Mails using <A HREF...>. The following code sends an E-Mail to james@daisy.co.uk :-

  <A HREF="mailto:james@daisy.co.uk/"><B>James</B></A>