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Welcome to bmpGalore, a bitmap (.bmp) file generator for programs, web pages and all of those other places, where you need bitmaps of a certain size and characteristics, with text in a particular position.

Bitmaps are created from a myriad of styles, and are stored as families or groups, containing bitmaps to the same format, but with differing text and colour.

Take this HTML-based help for bmpGalore, which has a menu stack to the left. All of these are individual bitmaps that were created with the program.

Shown is the standard Windows '95 button format. Other bitmap styles include rectangles, with or without various type of corner, ellipses and pictures.


It is intended that help for bmpGalore will be based on HTML. You have connected to the help files on the bmpGalore Web Site. These will be replaced with the full help, when Microsoft publish the full standard.