David Lowther

The following is the text of an E-Mail sent from David Lowther in Canada, which is reproduced here with his permission.

Subject: Whatever Happened to Dory Previn

At least ten years ago I heard an interview on the radio, probably the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (after all, the commercial stations have ignored her existence forever), in which Ms. Previn said she was reverting to the surname Shannon. It was either her original surname, or perhaps her mother's name.

I would love to know how she has prospered. I was a fragile and shattered victim of child abuse when I discovered her music, and learned from her that you could still have a life, and that it was not your fault. Now I am a success by anybody's standards.

Ironically, even by my father's.

I am serious when I give credit to Dory Previn for showing me how to heal. Sometime I'd like to be able to thank her for it, and I would be grateful to anybody who could suggest how to do so.

David Lowther

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