Daisy Analysis - JFAX


JFAX is a unique way to receive faxes.

When you sign up with JFAX, you are given a phone number, which you use in exactly the same way as a normal fax number.

But instead of faxes ending up as piles of paper, they are converted into a file, which is then sent to you as an E-Mail attachment. A simple-to-use program on your computer can then print the fax as needed.

JFAX may sound simple, but it also has many other advantages.

  • The cost is 12.50 US dollars a month.
  • Multiple incoming faxes are allowed at the same time.
  • JFAX also handles voice messages, which can be left at the same number. They can be listened to as one would normal voicemail or by downloading to your computer.
  • All software is free.
  • As your faxes are now linked to your E-Mail account, you can download them to any computer that has access.
  • JFAX operates in many cities world wide and can be used to put a presence in another country.
There are a couple of disadvantages
  • You have to remember to check your E-Mail!
  • In the UK JFAX has only one point of presence - London. You might not want to have a London fax number.
If you would like to sign up for JFAX, then click here.

You can also E-Mail: Daisy Analysis for more details.

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