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Date and Time Analysis

This shows a typical Daisy Chart, showing a Date and Time Analysis, where a Date field is mapped by Day of the Week to a set of boxes or nodes in an arc of a circle. A Time field is also mapped by Hour of the Day. (These are two of up to a hundred different mappings or filters in Daisy.)

The data relates to the testing of a new communication program for the Internet. The other groups of nodes relate to Success/Failure, the various Faults and for how long the user was Connected.

Note the histograms on each node, which show how many attempts were made and how many pieces of electronic mail were received.

Each arc of nodes is linked to records, that have the same values. Thus, if you click on the first node of the group Date, you will select all of the records, that take place on a Sunday.

As you examine this chart, look at the values on the histograms and the detail in the nodes and links.