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Life is all about questions!

Who is this man? - Click for Large

Take the picture above. This is James Miller.

  • But why is he pictured amongst a load of old ruins?
  • What is he doing now?
  • Would you want to employ him for a serious job?
  • If you sold him something would you get paid?

Anyone who deals with people, whether by selling to them, employing them or dealing with them over a legal matter, such as fraud or buying a house, always wants to know more.

Daisy MI solves these questions and has many other applications :-

Daisy MI has been designed to be very simple, so that you can investigate and verify an individual, company or organisation, just by typing in a few details and then clicking the mouse.

Tools in Daisy MI can search the Internet, draw maps, check for news, investigate phone numbers, send E-Mails and text messages, view web pages and check the domains of web addresses.

Daisy MI creates simple web pages for each investigation and displays them in an embedded copy of Internet Explorer. This means that all results are available in a very user-friendly and familiar format.

Note that all information sources are public and most are available without any charge whatsover.