Daisy Analysis Services - Domain Names


Your domain name says a lot about yourself and your business.

A professional easily-remembered domain name linked to a web-written web site means you can get your message across quickly.

Just say daisy.co.uk as we do for instance!

Getting a domain name will also mean that if your Internet Service Provider goes bust, gets taken over, costs too much or just becomes impossible to work with, you can move your Web Site somewhere else, without changing any literature, references, bookmarks or updating all of those Internet search engines, such as Google.

Daisy Analysis doesn't actually register domain names but provides tools to help you make that all important decision :-

  • Daisy 2004 WhoIs - This free program checks who owns a domain name. The WhoIs ocx component that comes with the software can also be used by developers, provided they give the proper credits.

Most of these tools are free!