Daisy AnalysisMultiple Browser - Register Later
Lucy - Click for Large

Lucy says "Please register the software!"

You will unlock the following features of the Daisy Multiple Browser :-

  • More than five browser windows.

  • Automatic refreshing of browser windows.

  • Full printing and capturing of web pages.

  • User-defined help pages that can be added to the help and shown when particular browser windows are shown.

In the Web Tools installed with the Daisy Multiple Browser the following extra features are enabled :-

  • Daisy Double Browser - FTP put and get are enabled.

  • Daisy Page Pull - This program is enabled.

  • Daisy Refreshing Browser - This program can be run more than once.

  • VB Mailer - Profiles can be created to hold common Visual Basic projects to be sent.

  • Web Site Spider - This program can now extract an unlimited number of images and linked pages.

  • Zip Mailer - File masks can be used to select files for e-mailing and profiles can be created to hold common groups to be sent.

If you want to try out the Daisy Multiple Browser and the other programs properly, there is a temporary registration, which gives around 30 days completely free usage of the program.

Obtain Temporary Registration!