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The Daisy Web Tools started as a single program used to demonstrate the use of embedded browsers within Visual Basic programs. This technology is fully explained in a separate section.

The Daisy Web Tools has grown into a collection of useful programs which are summarised below :-

  • Daisy AutoBackup/FTP - This backs up your computer to another drive, computer or FTP site.

  • Daisy Browser Assistant - A Lite version of the Daisy Editing Browser.

  • Daisy Double Browser - This allows two Internet Explorer browsers to be opened and used at the same time in the same dialog.

  • Daisy Editing Browser - This is the Internet equivalent of a pot of touch-up paint. But that doesn't stop it being used to write a complete HTML-based web site. Browser, editor, picture processor and FTP are combined in a single easy-to-use program.

  • Daisy Multiple Browser - This allows multiple copies of Internet Explorer to be opened at the same time in one program. Each can be defined to point to particular URLs with a specific refresh rate, so the program is ideal for applications, such as continuously checking several web sites that are important to your business or organisation.

  • Daisy Page Pull - This pulls a web page or other file from the Internet, using standard HTTP protocol. No IDs, passwords or FTP parameters are required for the transfer.

  • Daisy PDF Browser - Displays a PDF document with linked web pages in another window.

  • Daisy Presentation Browser - This has been designed as a controlled skin for Internet Explorer that allows you to decide the look and feel of the browser to make your presentations even better. It is also all about printing clean copies of pages for documentation purposes.

  • Daisy Print HTML File - This has been designed to print one or more HTML files directly. It uses an ActiveX component called Dazy2006WebPrint which can be incorporated into your programs. Updated for 2007...

  • Daisy Refreshing Browser - This is a very simple browser that can be set to automatically refresh the web page currently shown. Refresh rates can be defined done to a second. Updated for 2007...

  • Daisy Simple Browser - This is much more of a demonstrator for the technology than a real program. Basically, it is just Internet Explorer in a skin!

  • Daisy VB Mailer - Compress and E-Mail a VB project.

  • Daisy Web Site Spider - This has been designed to check a web site before it is uploaded to the Internet. All files and links are tested. Zipped files can be created of all pages and images needed.

  • Daisy WhoIs - Look up a domain name.

  • Daisy Zip Mailer - Compress a series of files and then e-mail them.

More details of each program are given in their separate mini-web sites.

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