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The Daisy Presentation Browser is one of the Daisy Web Tools. and has been designed as a controlled skin for Internet Explorer that allows you to decide the look and feel of the browser to make your presentations even better.

Presentation Browser - James Miller at Delos

Note how in this screenshot, the caption has been changed, the dialog has been made deliberately small, and status and address line have been removed. This makes the setting up of demonstrations on small screens and laptops much easier.

The Daisy Presentation Browser is also about printing web pages for documentation purposes :-

  • As an example the program can print clean copies of web pages without the headers and footers being printed.

  • Web pages can also be captured as bitmap images, which can then be copied to the Windows clipboard or scaled so that they fit the available printer. This is very powerful when printing pages from 'wide' web sites such as those concerned with genealogy, such as Genes Reunited

All of the normal features of Internet Explorer are still available.

James Miller

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