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I originally wrote the Daisy Multiple Browser so that a bookmaker could watch the odds offered by several of his competitors at the same time. The program was designed so that several copies of Internet Explorer were opened in the same dialog and each could be set to refresh at particular rates.

The program is virtually free, with most features available without any payment at all.

Features have moved on since and include :-

  • Preloading several copies of Internet Explorer with the web sites needed for your work or hobby.
  • Watching several important web pages at the same time.
  • Cloning allows the current web page to be copied for further processing.
  • Printing clean copies of web pages.
  • Capturing the current web page to the clipboard for inclusion in other programs like Word.
  • Tidying the desktop.
  • Comparing web sites and pages.
  • Interfacing to web page-based systems.
  • Improving effiiciency or browsing and searching.

The program has a variety of applications in fields as diverse as bookmaking, day trading, gaming and web site development.

The 2007 version of the program is now available.

Daisy Multiple Browser

Note how in the screenshot, there are two windows shown; the web page and an optional help window at the right, which can be hidden as required.

The Daisy Multiple Browser is controlled from the buttons shown above the various windows. For a full description see Dialog Explained.

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