Daisy AnalysisEditing Browser - Pictures

The Pictures command has been designed to take a picture file in most formats, copy and resize it into a set of pictures, and then upload some or all to the web site.

Picture Processing - Click for largeThe dialog shown at the right is the one that is used to setup the picture processing, after the host, user and password have been set.

Note :-

  • The picture can be loaded from a file or pasted from the clipboard.

  • The picture can be cropped, resized, watermarked and rotated as required.

  • The picture can be converted into either a gif or a jpeg format.

  • Picture quality can be sacrificed for file size, by adjusting the quality of the file conversion.

  • A set of pictures can be created all of which have slightly different names and sizes.

  • Check boxes control which actions are performed on each of the pictures.

The picture processing options are not designed for special effects. But they can handle everything that is a straight transformation or resize of the picture.

Picture Galleries

The main reason for writing the command was to be able to create picture galleries, where a small picture is used as a thumbnail in the index and a larger one is shown by clicking the small picture.

View Pictures of Moscow!

This gallery was created solely by the use of the Daisy Editing Browser.

James Miller