Daisy AnalysisEditing Browser - Host, User etc.

FTP access to a web site is controlled by three settings, which correspond to the web site URL. e.g. daisy.co.uk :-

  • Host - Think of this as the place where all the clients of the ISP store their data.

    The UK ISP called Pipex uses a name like dslftp.dsl.pipex.com for the host. This is fairly typical.

  • User - This is the name that your ISP uses to recognise you.

    For Pipex this will be something like zz99.

  • Password - This password corresponds to the User.

These settings are obtained from your ISP.

Note that hosts, users and passwords can also be processed from the Properties menu.

Properties Menu

They can be loaded and saved to files for transfer to other computers and passwords can be shown without masks if that is how you prefer it. If you are worried about security, then put a lock on the door. After all, is your copy of Outlook or Word passworded.