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The Daisy Editing Browser is one of the Daisy Web Tools and is the Internet equivalent of a pot of touch-up paint. But that doesn't stop it being used to write a complete HTML-based web site. Browser, editor, picture processor and FTP are combined in a single easy-to-use program.

This web site was created with the Daisy Editing Browser.

Editing Browser - Click for a larger image.

The toolbar buttons at the top left control the browser and those at the right control the processing of web pages and the associated pictures and style sheets.

Editing the page is a simple matter of viewing it, clicking the edit button, entering the FTP parameters if it's the first time and then just editing the page with a simple mouse-based editor. If you change the page, then it will automatically replace the copy on the Internet.

The program can also spider and download a web site, upload and download files using FTP and manage a web site.

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