Daisy AnalysisEditing Browser - Philosophy

The philosophy behind the Daisy Editing Browser is basically very simple.

You browse to the web site you want to edit, manage or otherwise process and then use the command buttons at the top left to action each command.

Editing Browser Toolbar

Reading from the left, the buttons are :-

  • Picture Processing - Captures, converts, crops, watermarks and uploads picture files to the web site.
  • Upload - Uploads files to the web site from the working directory.
  • Download - Downloads files from a web site.
  • Tools - Various specialist tools for processing web pages and sites.
  • Manage - Manage a web site using FTP.
  • Edit - Edit a web page, change title, headers, keywords and description.
  • Properties - Configure the program.

The actions of each of these buttons are described in the appropriate section.

All actions work in conjunction with the FTP settings and the working and cache directories.