Daisy AnalysisWeb Tools - ActiveX

The Daisy Web Tools is based on a series of ActiveX components.

They are summarised as follows :-

  • Dazy2005Register - This is a general component used by Daisy Analysis to handle general computer and web functions. It also enters and checks registration.

  • Dazy2003WebHelp and Dazy2005WebHelp - These two components are very much the same and handle web functions for the Daisy Web Tools. Two versions are included as the Daisy Multiple Browser was written for the 2003 version and it is safer to use the old control rather than update.

  • Dazy2006WebPrint - This is a printing component used by many of the Daisy Web Tools. An older 2005 version is also included, that does not use the Windows Script Hosting.

  • Dazy2006WhoIs - This is a general WhoIs component used by the Daisy WhoIs.

  • Dazy2003Zip - This component compresses files for the Daisy Zip Mailer.

At present only the Dazy2006WebPrint is available for use by third parties.