Daisy AnalysisWeb Print OCX - Component - Dazy2004WebPrint

Dazy2004WebPrint is the original ActiveX component and many of you will have this installed.

It is recommended that you upgrade to either the Dazy2006WebPrint or Dazy2005WebPrint versions :-

  • Dazy2006WebPrint is the latest version, but it does have installation problems on Windows 95 and 98, as it needs the Windows Scripting Host to be installed.

  • Dazy2005WebPrint is the previous year's version, which except for three methods and a couple of properties is identical to Dazy2006WebPrint. It runs on all versions of Windows from '95 onwards.

If you have installed the Daisy Web Tools, the component will have been installed in :-

    C:\Program Files\Daisy Analysis