Daisy AnalysisWeb Print OCX - Events

The events in the Dazy2006WebPrint control cover a lot more than just printing an HTML file :-

  • BeforeNavigate2 - Fired before navigate occurs in the control.

  • DocumentComplete - Fires when a document has been completely loaded and initialised.

  • DragDrop - Occurs when a drag-and-drop operation is completed.

  • DragOver - Occurs when a drag-and-drop operation is in progress.

  • GetControlPosition - Fires to obtain the position of the control.

  • GotFocus - Occurs when an object receives the focus.

  • LostFocus - Occurs when an object loses the focus.

  • NavigateComplete2 - Occurs when the document being navigated to becomes visible and enters the navigation stack.

  • PrintStatusMessage - Fires to return a status message whilst printing.

  • ProgressChange - Occurs when the progress of a download operation is updated on the object.

  • StatusTextChange - Fires when the status text changes.

  • TitleChange - Occurs when the title of a document in the object becomes available or changes.

  • Validate - Occurs when a control loses focus to a control that causes validation.