Tomorrow's World

The Internet or the World Wide Web is a great opportunity for both business and personal life.

The main functions are :-

  • Access to boundless information. A lot is very useful, but frankly of all the trillions of pages that have been uploaded, many are complete rubbish or downright pornography.

  • Being able to communicate quickly and cheaply to anyone with an e-mail address, anywhere in the world.

  • Distribution of software, such as computer programs, music and games electronically.

  • Purchasing of goods and services from groceries, clothing and lingerie through hotels to airline and theatre tickets.

  • You can also add some of the more dubious services such as gaming and gambling, pornography and internet dating.

But sadly with all good things, there are some severe drawbacks.

  • Spam or unwanted e-mails, selling everything from dodgy bank loans and spurious share tips to illegal copies of films and everything you really don't want to know about.

  • Hackers who try to login to your computers, to read your files and confidential information.

  • Criminals who try to get you to part with your money through a variety of methods like fake lotteries, dead dictators bank accounts and the so-called "phishing" scams.

In this simple course I will show you how to maximise the strengths of the Internet and minimise the problems.

James Miller
January 2005

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