DaisyAddressWise Support


AddressWise is an address/phone book manager for FaxWise.

AddressWise is a complete message distribution system, with full Fax and E-Mail facilities, together with a simple letter writer.

AddressWise is also a simple contact management system, with the ability to track all communications and store simple notes for each entry in the database.


Support is available by E-Mail or by phone on +44-1865-856020.

Visit the FaxWise Web Site.


To convert your 30-day Demonstration Version of AddressWise into a Full Version of the program, you must Register and Purchase the software.

This will entitle you to all upgrades of the program.


Frequently Asked Questions are listed in the FAQ.


Some applications of the use of AddressWise are detailed.

AddressWise and the World Wide Web
Faxing a Word Document
Flexible Lowest-Cost Message Distribution
Printing Address Labels


AddressWise is available as a 30-day demo and may be downloaded from our Web Site.

Upgrades are also available.

Copyright 1998 by James Miller of Daisy Analysis