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Answer these questions :-
  • Do you need to keep all relevant information about the Web Site in one place?  Yes!
  • Do you need to impose a rigid standard on all the pages in your Web Site, so that they all look and feel similar?  Yes!

  • Do you need to build a Web Site quickly? Or even very quickly?  Yes!
  • Do you need to create a complex Web Site that is easy to navigate?  Yes!
  • Do you ever need to add new pages to a Web Site with a complex menu structure?  Yes!
  • Do you want to be able to change the overall look of the Web Site easily and quickly?  Yes!
  • Do you need to create more than one version; graphic, text-only, and WAP perhaps, of the same Web Site?  Yes!
  • Do you need to print clean pages for publicity purposes?  Yes!
  • Do you need to upload files to a Web Site regularly and sometimes to a date based directory?  Yes!
  • Do you need to synchronise your Web Site with the local copy on your computer? Or even several?  Yes!
  • Do you need to take a security copy?  Yes!
  • Do you need to take a backup of the Web Site every Tuesday?  Yes!

  • Do you need to add news items or other such lists to your Web Site on a regular basis?  Yes!

  • Do you ever need to have a database of all of the Web Pages on your Site?  Yes!
  • Do you ever need to make small changes to pages in your Web Site?  Yes!
  • Do you ever need to make global changes, such as a new London phone code to your Web Site?  Yes!
  • Do you want to change keywords and descriptions for Internet search engines?

  • Do you need to search for company URLs?
  • Do you need to set the time on your computer directly?
If the answer to any of these questions is Yes, then you need BodgeIt!

BodgeIt! is a program developed by Daisy Analysis to perform all those annoying and tedious little jobs around the Web Site.

BodgeIt! costs just  99 and may be Downloaded from our Web Site.

Before you do that check out the BodgeIt! Overview.