Daisy Analysis BodgeIt! - Printing


The Printing of Web Sites is often a problem.
  • The obvious problem is that the video screen is landscape and the normal way to view printed matter is portrait. (Sounds like someone should have designed the first video terminal round the other way!)

  • You also have the problem that for the proportions of pages to look right, they should be setup with a fixed with say of 640 or 800 pixels. And that doesn't always print very well.

  • Viewed pages need all the menu and navigation tags, whereas printed pages do not need this information.

So there is the inevitable compromise between making something look good on the screen and print well.

Because BodgeIt! generates each page from an HTML fragment and a set of parameters, the program has the ability to generate two sets of pages for the Web Site; a main set for viewing and the other for printing.

The print pages contain identical information to the main set, but they have no menu and are of an undefined width. They are usually named with a prefix of something like 'zzpr' for all the files.

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