Adeline's Piercings

Dear reader,
I found this gem in a collection of
piercing pages. These are the experiences of Adeline, a French woman.
I found her account of her piercing history unique and very stimulating. What struck me in particular was the level-headed, pleasant and humorous tone. Most other such accounts I have read were serious and did not really convey to me the pleasure that may be associated with these voluntary body modifications, as if piercing were really a sad, inevitable obligation.
I am not a piercer myself, so I do not know what it is, but Adeline's account are the best advertisement I have seen.
And strangely stimulating too!
It is Adeline's story. I have just attempted to convert it to 'proper English', without removing the French charm, and have attempted to enhance the story line. Below you find the reference to her own version.
By the way, the above photographs are not of her.

if you read this and object to its publication here, please let me know. For the moment, I cannot resist bringing your wonderful story to my readers.

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My ears

As long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by jewellery and any metal pieces you wear on your body. I had to argue fiercely, before my parents let me have my ears pierced at the age of 7.

My Tongue

In my teens, as I grew up, my fascination for metal grew up with me. Little by little I covered myself with jewellery: many, many wrist and ankle bracelets, necklaces... I did not think of my permanent teeth braces as a problem. Rather it was the source of a special feeling. On the very day they were finally removed, when I was 19 years old and a student far away from home, I got my first non-earlobe piercing. It was obviously a tongue piercing. Thus one special feeling was replaced by another.

I make a plan

After having my tongue done, I decided to take a long pause before taking another piercing. I had decided to have many rings through my flesh. Yet I wanted to keep my body harmonious. It is more interesting to have rings there where they look cute, than to have rings everywhere, as some people find necessary. So, to properly plan, I took a few photographs of myself and made a design with rings and chains until I achieved a pleasing result.

Initially, I planned to get fully decorated in less than a year. Piercing and jewellery, especially the gold variety, are not free, however. What was more, I live in France, near Rouen, and this town did not have a piercing shop (It does now: "Rings and Needles", but I do not know it at all). Therefore I was unable to follow the desired schedule. I made progress by taking a few holidays, to Amsterdam, Hamburg and London. Each time I came back home with a few holes more.

My Nipples

The first piercings after my tongue were through both nipples. I had these done in London for my 20th birthday. I choose two 12 Kt. golden captive bead rings. The same day, I had my stainless steel tongue barbell changed for a 14 Kt. golden CBR. The feeling was incredible. I hardly learned how to speak properly again with this device in, but my boyfriend and I simply loved it!

I was impatient for my nipples to heal, because my new jewellery was ready. The healing took about four weeks, after which I finally entered the room of a friend with whom I shared a flat near the university. I said: "I need your help". She knew I had had my nipples pierced, but was slightly taken aback by what I asked her to do.

I had bought two gold plated necklaces, each about 50 cm long. Of one I had removed both ends and replaced them by two small rings, which came from a broken pair of golden earrings. At the centre of the chain, I had inserted a third small ring.

My friend did agree to help me. She had to open the CBR at one nipple, insert one end of the chain, then close it again. Likewise for the other nipple. Less than half a minute after I entered her room, the gold chain hung securely from my nipples.

I put my tee-shirt back on, went back to my room and spent a long time in front of the mirror. I was as beautiful as I had hoped. A minor difficulty presented itself when I tried to put a bra on. As I had imagined, the chain could not assume a position in which it looked nice. I was prepared, however. I passed the second, unmodified necklace through the central ring of my nipple chain and closed it behind my neck. Perfect! I was happy with my new look, since it was something I had never seen elsewhere. (Only last month I finally found a picture on the Web of a woman decorated with a similar necklace.) The problem with my bra had gone.

I am 23 years old now and to this day I have never removed my nipple chain. The necklace section was removed only for a few "official" ceremonies at the university, when I had to be well dressed and as "normal" as possible. As often as I can I keep it in place, even with a low-neck dress. Some people who see me in that condition are very curious and want to know what sort of pendant I wear on this necklace. I often smile without replying. For certain friends I answer: "my nipples", with an enigmatic smile. One of them was more curious than the others or convinced I wasn't serious. He pulled up the chain and revealed the other one. He was the most embarrassed man I have ever seen!

The Triangle

The next piercing on my list was either a triangle or an horizontal clitoris hood. I just knew that type of piercing from pictures seen in London, so I had not made my definitive choice when I entered a piercing shop in Hamburg. I did not go there alone. A friend of mine, who had already her tongue pierced too, got a navel ring. Her piercing took a long time to heal and she had lots of trouble wearing jeans. Definitively not a piercing for me!

When my turn came, the piercer (male) took a few minutes explaining the difference between a triangle and a horizontal hood. After examining me he said I would have no problem with a triangle. Well, OK, I will have one please! I choose a new golden CBR, identical to the ones through my nipples (gauge and diameter). He said that it was not a good choice, since the diameter of the ring (2,5 cm) was too large to fit well between my labia. But I knew exactly what I wanted. My "decoration" plan would accommodate a slight discomfort, but no compromise on the look. After a few minutes' discussion, I was finally set with the ring I wanted.

What a rush! What was supposed to be a slight discomfort was in fact the best sensation I have ever enjoyed while walking the streets. As I read on a Forum elsewhere: "jeans became my best friends...". The first night, however, was quite awful. I was permanently excited, but could not masturbate with my fingers, as I was scared of an infection. In addition, my girlfriend slept in the same room.

When the morning came, we were both very excited and nervous after the past blue night. We started to realise that we did not know the sensation of one person having a barbell through her tongue kissing another having a CBR.(This turned out to be our first bisexual experience, but that's another story... )

As the days went by and the piercing healed, my pussy returned to a less sensitive state, but the guy in Hamburg turned out to be right. The ring never leaves my consciousness, since it is in permanent contact with my clit (the very goal of a triangle piercing, isn't it?). I can also feel that my labia are kept apart. As it hangs down from the top of my vagina, I must be careful during intercourse. A very little discomfort, still, because it is the most beautiful jewellery I have ever got.

Below the neck

At that point, my plan was to have four inner labia rings and complete my "below-the-neck" decoration. Then I happened to fall in love with another boy who was -of course- fond of golden chains and gold jewellery. He loved my nipples-to-neck arrangement, he loved my triangle ring, but he had the idea to connect it to a waist chain before making any other modifications. Why not? We bought a long gold-plated waist chain. When I closed it around my waist, there was an excess length of about 35 cm, which extended from my navel to my pussy. My boyfriend cut about 10 cm off and placed a small ring at the cut end. Since then I have had the chain permanently attached to my triangle ring. As it is thin, it does not give rise to problems and can be worn under any clothes. It is also rather light, so I can release it from my waist from time to time and let it hang without any pain. The feeling of it swinging between my legs is very nice. The only trouble is that, as holds for my nipple chain, it can easily be seen under a swimsuit. My parents can only wonder why I never came swimming with them since my 20th birthday!

When I wear a very short tee-shirt that leaves my navel exposed, everyone can see my waist chain and a bit of the chain disappearing below my belt. I suppose all wonder what it is I have at the end of this chain. Hopefully no one will try to pull at it in order to see the pendant... The pendant is my clit!

As an aside, let me say that all the rings at the ends of my chains can be opened and closed again with clamps. As they are thin and not soldered, I figure that they would open in case of an emergency. I have not really tried this, I must say, and I do not wish to.

Five outer labia piercings and a padlock?

Back to my plan. A few days after my 21st birthday, we were on holiday in the Netherlands. I would not miss the opportunity of progress. I had planned to have my inner labia pierced in Amsterdam. But, yes, I wanted to please my boyfriend too. He wanted me to have my outer labia pierced. I thought that his alternative would be more painful than mine and would require more attention while healing, but I agreed to let him make a drawing of his idea. According to the drawing he made, I was to get not four but five CBRs, two in the left labium and three in the right one, configured like a zipper! He suggested it could be used to fit a padlock and lock my vagina. A nice prospect! But I was curious too. The idea of wearing a kind of chastity belt was quite exciting. So I finally said: "yes".

We found a shop and made an appointment for the following day. During the evening, I shaved myself completely for the first time. (Hey, this is nice too!) At 10 a.m. the next day I entered the shop, still afraid of receiving five rings at one time. The piercer said it would be fine, but that I could call a halt after one or two rings if I found it too painful.

We chose five 12 Kt golden CBRs with a smaller diameter (1,5 cm only). The piercer marked the five holes on both sides. Looking down at my pussy, I realised that it was going to be a long and painful experience. And it was. The first hole to be done was the top right, followed by one to the left, followed by a right one... As the needles entered my flesh, as the rings were inserted and closed, I felt growing pain and tears came into my eyes. After the fourth hole, I was almost crying. When the piercer asked me if I wanted to stop, I replied in a sob that it would be ridiculous to stop just before the last one.

When he finished his job, I looked at the area for the first time. The five rings were in, at the right positions, but there was also a lot of blood. I did not feel at ease with this view, but he helped me clean up and explained it was quite normal.

Walking back to the hostel was terrible. My tears increased with every step. The next day I spent crying in the bed with an oncoming headache. It took three days for the pain to leave. A nice holiday. But I began to enjoy the feeling of the weight of the rings -small, but easily perceptible- when I walked through the room naked. The bleeding had stopped after two days and by way of a miracle all the five holes turned out to have healed completely after two weeks. From then on I began to enjoy the look of those rings set around my vagina. I shaved again to help maintaining a good hygiene during the healing. (Since then, I have kept shaved almost all the time).

During one month, however, my boyfriend and I did not have any intercourse. That revealed my boyfriend's true personality and I said: "bye bye!"

Once healed completely, I began to seriously play with my new rings. Using a padlock to draw them together was not a good idea, because the labia are kept wide open. The only easy way to close my vagina was to pass a safety pin through the five rings and then close it. A nice view, nothing more.

The first part of my plan was complete.

Nostrils and lobes

One year ago, on the occasion of my 22nd birthday, I executed the second part in just a few days. I had my ears pierced (with a piercing gun - I just want to look nice, I'm not a piercing purist) and now I have three holes in my left lobe and four in the right one. That is enough for me. I also had my right nostril pierced, wearing a small gold ring there.

Afterwards I stood naked, looking at myself in my mirror, and said: "OK, I think that's nice. We'll stop here." It took me two years to get all the rings I wanted, but now my body is in perfect harmony with my mind. One additional ring would turn me from a girl with jewellery into a Christmas Tree!

Locked for Chastity?

As I have already written, I had my first sexual experience with a girl when I was 20. My second experience took place just a few months ago. A girl at the university came up to me and asked me about my nostril piercing. She was about to get one and wanted to know if I could recommend her a good address. Naturally we talked about my piercings, even the ones she could not see, under my clothes. After talking for a few hours we went to her room. I got naked to show her all I had. She got naked too and a wonderful night followed.

She was interested in the problem of my five rings, intended for chastity but difficult to lock with a padlock. A few weeks ago, she came home and said: "I've got it." She had found a bronze bar used by plumbers (her father is one), about 0.5 cm in diameter and 3.5 cm long. She had polished both ends, so that they stopped being sharp, and drilled two small transverse holes, 0.5 cm from each end. Through one hole she put a 1.5 cm bronze ring and inserted the bar through the five rings from bottom to the top. Then she opened my triangle ring and replaced the bead by the top of the bar. The 12 Kt. ring fits the hole in the plumber's bar perfectly. Thus my labia are closed by a bar that is connected to my triangle piercing. This was the feeling I was looking for!

Of course the arrangement is not a real chastity belt, because I can always open the triangle ring and escape from it. But, as my friend says, one could imagine a shield covering all of my pussy and attached to the bar by a padlock... We made a lot of drawings, but the ideal seems difficult to realise.

I have been locked with the triangle bar for two weeks now, with no trouble at all. I plan to unlock myself before my periods, but in fact everything appears to be all right. A new game, incredibly erotic!

Adeline, 30/07/97

Adeline's original account

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