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Who is Vanna Vechian

Vanna Vechian is of mixed European extraction. She studied maths and art history in Germany. After a less than glorious employment history, through lack of motivation, but a lively social life, she married a wealthy business man and converted to being a socialite. She writes essentially in lieu of socially unacceptable behaviour - experiments with her womanhood, her stock and trade in the fading past. She is serious about her writing, nonetheless, and her life for that matter. Her subject area is woman and the female body, the source of power it is, but vulnerable and 'the prison of the mind' at the same time.

Her own body she clinically describes in The body of Vanna Vechian.

She collaborates with the artist Erica Chappuis. Here is a reference to Erica's site: The art of Erica Chappuis. There has been talk of a book, with a representative set of Erica's art and her stories, a 'bibliophile' and possibly a 'commercial' edition.

See Erica's paintings for Vanna for all the paintings she did associated with Vanna's work.

The Erotic Author's Association published her e-book 'Menagerie and other erotic stories' HERE (press the link to see details - look for Volume 12.)
She is proud of it as she humbly find myself among great colleagues. It is currently out of print, but do contact me if you'd desire a copy.

She states her purpose as follows:

I write erotic stories. A subtle difference: this should not be confused with pornography. My aim is not exploitation, but to explore the realms of human eroticism. Eroticism is of all of us.

My themes are the relationships between people and those between women and their bodies. I do explore the remote areas of this world. l'Histoire d'O is certainly an example. Credibility, not excitement, is what I aim for in the first place. I try to present credible cases in terms of the psychology of the main character. If it excites people, fine. I write erotic stories. Erotic excitement is part of life.

Shocking? Some people may be shocked. But to be shocked is not all bad. It is good to be confronted with things unthought of. Remember, these are stories, collections of words. The things described did not necessarilly happen or happen this way. Nor should they necessarilly happen this way. The terrible (non-consensual) things that were made to happen by lesser mortals, transferring episodes of l'Histoire d'O into reality, are cases in point.

My main characters are generally women. I am a woman and my personal experiences certainly have something to do with my stories. They are to greater or lesser degrees autobiographical, if that matters to you. But you will find both 'submissives' and 'masters'. I have both these aspects in me and so do you.

Read them and enjoy.

Vanna Vechian is a member of the Erotic Authors Association.

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Not excluding men by any means, she especially calls for women to respond. Although a majority when it comes to writing erotic fiction, women are a minority in Discussion groups and replying to her, at any rate.

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Hommage to Voxana

The Vault -A great story from her Erotic Vox site. I will not attempt to summarise it. The central location is a bank vault.

I will say that it is this story that demonstrated to me that quality erotic fiction existed and hence stimulated me to attempt to produce some of my own. What makes The Vault different in my mind is the location and the fact that BDSM notions, such as pain, submission, punishment, are present, but in very mild, almost subliminal way.

'The Vault' was unavailable for a while and I had this story attached to my site. Voxana had recreated her own site, but it may well be down again. Highly recommended.

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