Chaste - a woman locked in

I spotted this allegedly true account on Jan Thor's website. The original German Language text is located there (as well as a fairly rough translation.) Beautiful for those who read German. It fitted so well with my theme of the tension between the (female) body and the mind and I admired the tragic heroin of the story so much that I had to make it mine, that is: edit it and publish it here. Unfortunately, I have not been able to contact her, not even through Jan Thor.

So here are her experiences. Admire her with me.

Here follows the account of my experiences with a chastity belt. I have divided the story into chapters, each covering a distinct period, a few months apart.

September 1996

1. First experiences with the chastity belt

My husband is often away from home for longer periods. Therefore I do not have a lot of chances to have intercourse. I must add that adultery is no option for me. Some time ago it occurred to me that a longer period of complete chastity - I thought half a year or so - would much enrich my life. With chastity I meant especially avoiding masturbation. I did like to masturbate, but I indulged in it without measure and it left me empty and sad.

My mind, however, was not strong enough to suppress my desire. I often tried, but failed each time after a very short while. Most of the time it started with me tenderly, unconsciously touching my vagina with my fingers, which inevitably ended in an orgasm.

A girlfriend in jest suggested my wearing a chastity belt, if I could not control myself otherwise. This joke became increasingly real to me. I found out that they existed and then investigated where good chastity belts were to be had. I chose one from Constance Enterprises in the USA: a 'La Ceinture de Chastete' belt. (An exact description follows below. I found no source in Germany making good chastity belts at an acceptable price.) I ordered a belt to be made to my exact measurements, for which I had to complete an endless table.

It took over two months and many unsatisfying orgasms before my belt finally arrived. It looked relatively comfortable. I initially put it on for a few minutes only to check whether it fitted well. It did, very well, even though it was tight. I immediately decided to start a chaste period which I could not end at a mere whim. One Friday I deposited both keys in a banksafe 200 km away. Upon my arrival home the bank had already closed. Without hesitation I put the belt on and closed -click- the lock. I was irrevocably locked in until Monday.

The first hours passed without a problem. Even urination went surprisingly well. It was very unusual, however, to piss with the lower body being clad. The first night also went very well. I merely woke up a few times because my skin got pinched under the belt, when I moved in my sleep.

Saturday very quickly became most disagreeable. I intended to not think about the belt and to go about my daily routine undisturbed. I started the day with my usual morning walk in the forest. That turned out to be a big mistake, because I chafed my skin in several places.

The rest of the weekend was agony as some areas got inflamed. I spend the remainder of the weekend with as little body movement as possible. Monday I could not wait to get to the bank safe and get the key for my release. The relief was monumental.

After that first painful attempt I did not touch the belt for a month. I subsequently tried time and again to get used to it. I learned that I had to adapt my movements, so as to avoid rubbing and the skin getting stuck. It was a shame that any athletic activities were out of the question when wearing the belt.

The belt


Let me step aside from the narative and describe the belt to you. When locked, the belt fits very tightly to my body, both at the waist and the crotch. The belt has a slit for urinating at the crotch. It is so tight that my labia protrude through this slit. When wearing the belt it is absolutely impossible to masturbate with my hands. No finger can penetrate far enough under the shield to reach my clitoris (and touching the labia does not bring me to orgasm.) The metal edges touching my labia are arousing, however, and make me want even more what I cannot get. Initially, this is a crazy feeling. To totally prevent me from touching the labia, I ordered a so called secondary shield, a curved piece of stainless steel that can be attached to the lower part of the belt and locked with the same lock as the rest. I have not used it often because it complicates hygiene.

Techniques I have learned so far (the hard way)

About hygiene:

I got used to urinating through the slit in the shield very quickly. It is inevitable for some urine to remain between the shield and the skin. Because the shield fits so snugly I cannot clean the inside very well with toilet tissue. Most remaining drops I catch with a sanitary towel I always put in my slip when I wear the belt. Furthermore I shower every morning and try to let water run under the shield and wash the urine away. This does not work out perfectly and after a couple of days a disagreeable smell is unevitable.

I can now defecate without soiling the belt. I have to sit very straight on the toilet to accomplish this. In the beginning I often leaned forward too much, which caused the chains to be in the way, and I would require a shower. During my period I have not worn the belt up to now because I felt filthy enough after wearing it without menstruating.

My biggest problem:

I cannot get used to the tight and stiff waistband. The belt is ever present and after a few days I want nothing as much as taking it off. The longest I have worn it so far was two weeks.


I have retained control over the key myself. By keeping it in the bank safe far away the threshold to open the belt was high. I intend, some day, to present the key to my husband. He will certainly appreciate such a gesture. Before I do I must make sure I will be able spend a significantly longer period in the belt. I am not sure I will ever be able to. The goal of half a year of enforced chastity does not seem within reach yet.

End November 1996

2. I lose control over the key

In my quest for chastity, a major thing has changed: I have lost control over the key and have worn the belt continuously for the last two months. I never thought I could achieve this, but one can apparently get used to anything. It came about as follows.

I had locked myself in once again on October 4 for a new attempt. Apart from the eternal waistband getting in my way (especially during housekeeping and when taking care of the kids), I mastered the first two weeks astonishingly well. Therefore I decided to hang on for a few more days, at least until after the weekend. The key was in its safe, unavailable before Monday. Then it happened.

My husband came home a week early on Saturday. I did not dare tell him and acted as if I did not wear the belt, until he had to notice in bed. His initial astonishment soon gave way for total enthusiasm. I then proceeded to tell him of my plan to remain chaste for six months. He managed to persuade me to hand over the keys to him and I did when I could the following Monday. We agreed that I should be chaste until May 1, 1997. I know him and he will remain very firm on this matter unless an emergency should arise.

When I realised the predicament I had managed to get into, I lived through some terrible days. The belt was a continuous nuisance. And all I wanted was to get it off. I thought of breaking it several times. I did not attempt to, however, as it would allow my husband to triumph. I hung on.

When I started to settle in my fate, my period started, the first when wearing a belt. And, yes, I had serious hygiene problems. I begged my husband to unlock me for at least one wash a day. Instead he stood firm and told me I would have to cope when he would be away anyhow. I somehow got through. After my period, my husband unlocked me briefly and cleaned me and the belt. He watched with great care that I did not touch myself while I was being cleaned. Then he put the belt back on and locked it.

After surviving this, wearing the belt became less and less of a problem. Even the waistband hardly bothered me. At times I forgot I was wearing it. One day when my husband went away on a business trip, he locked the secondary shield onto the belt. He had noticed that I often petted my protruding labia in bed. He wanted to render this impossible for a while.

This hardly changed the mechanics of wearing the belt. If felt funny, however, to feel between my legs and touch only metal and no flesh. The biggest problem with it was obviously that it was extremely hard to keep the belt and myself clean - hard enough even without the shield. Each visit to the toilet took ages.

Then the worst happened. I had my period one week earlier than usual one weekend. Had this happened at the regular time, my husband would have been home and could have taken the secondary shield off. Now I had to manage. All this nearly drove me into despair last weekend. Several times I contemplated ripping the shield off or the whole belt. I had to remain strong and I did.

Beginning of January 1997

3. Life goes on

I can hardly believe it myself: I am still wearing my chastity belt. When starting this phase, I could not have imagined being capable of enduring this merciless tormenting for so long. The breakthrough was forced upon me, when I lost control of the key. Had I kept the key - deposited however far away - I would certainly have given up. Giving up is not so easy now, as I would have to reveal myself as weak to my husband. This I want to avoid at all cost. Preserving my image in his eyes it all that keeps me from destroying the belt sometimes.

All in all, I cope with the belt very well now. Chafing under the waist belt hardly occurs anymore, though some nursing is required. I have to guard scrupulously against dampness under the belt. I have to take great care while drying myself after taking a shower and have to put a generous amount of powder between belt and skin. If I sweat heavily I must ensure getting dry under the waistband very quickly.

I have largely mastered the normal hygiene now. When not wearing the secondary shield, at least, one good shower a day is enough to keep the odour problem within tolerable limits. I cannot claim to ever feel really clean however. I can live with it though, and other people do not seem to be aware. I change slip every day (but I used to do so anyway) and also always wear the sanitary towel in my slip. During my period things are difficult. With some trouble I now manage to insert a thin towel under the metal. To do so I have to lay on my back, extend my legs at a certain angle and create some room between the metal shield and my abdomen. I also wear a thicker towel in my slip. I imagine I could reach orgasm when lying on my back and inserting a sanitary dressing. I can then even reach my clitoris with my finger. But a fast orgasm would not be possible because touching is possible but hard in this uncomfortable position. I confess I have tried but luckily failed. The secondary shield would make a difference by the way.

I only wore the secondary shield once (except during my initial brief tests) and this was quite enough for me. A normal visit to the toilet was a real mess and the occurrences of my period were totally unbearable. My husband professed to be very sorry I was wearing it when my period started early, when he was not around. When he had come home I was allowed a long bath - under his supervision of course - and to clean the belt thoroughly. At Christmas I was also allowed to bathe without the belt. Again supervised to prevent me from masturbating. He says he will allow me such baths on occasion following my period. This would make the whole thing rather more bearable.

The secondary shield again: the use of this element is quite minimal. It denies access to my labia but touching them would anyhow not be enough to reach an orgasm. Access with a vibrator is prevented, yes. A vibrator with a small top might stimulate me sufficiently without the secondary shield. I have thought about such things but have never tried them. Possibly, very strong vibrations of the shield itself would do it if the whole belt could be brought in vibration. I do not keep a vibrator at home to avoid the temptation.

Since I wore the belt continuously, I have not had an orgasm. At first I missed this very much because I was used to please myself often. I have gotten over that. My desire to masturbate has, through the very presence of the chastity belt, disappeared almost completely.

I largely wear the same clothes as always. Mostly jeans and a loose blouse and also a pullover during the winter. Since my jeans are not tight, no problem exists. Somebody who does not know about my chastity belt will not notice it. I was unsure for a while that nobody would noticed, including my children. Perhaps when bending over, somebody could see the chains running over my buttocks. But how often do we need to bend over in critical cases?

The belt barely limits my freedom of movement now. I am slightly stiffer in the stomach area, which bothered me initially, but which I now adjust my movements for. I am hardly conscious of the belt all in all. I am sure that a tight corset would limit my freedom much more. I just have to take care not to move suddenly and avoid situations with a lot of rubbing. At first, I had to consciously pay attention to this, but now it is automatic.

Lest you get the wrong impression: wearing the belt is still hard. Everything I have said above sounds very positive now, but you must remember that I return from pure terror after which everything sounds easy. Wearing a chastity belt for a lengthy period is certainly not easy. It is not so much the everyday problems, such as the hygiene. It is the continuous realisation that I carry my own prison with me and am not able to remove it. More of a psychological problem. Sometimes it is also the desperate wish to take a real deep breath, which the waistband makes impossible. My mood continuously changes between the euphoria of having made it thus far and the despair of being imprisoned or being simply bothered by the belt.

Meanwhile I have become confident that I will hang on until May. The period of wearing it is longer than I had planned, but the day of my release has a special meaning to my husband and me.

18 March 1997

4. The last months of my imprisonment

Coping with my chastity belt has become normal to me. Often I hardly notice it for hours at a stretch. Even the waistband bothers me little, but it remains the most unpleasant feature of the device. The heightened hygienic effort has become routine, at least when I am not having my period or wearing the secondary shield. Getting used to this merciless steel bond to this degree initially seemed unimaginable. But then it has taken months to get that far.

Settled in a bearable routine. But then something unpleasant happened: my husband wanted me to put the secondary shield on my belt for at least 2 weeks. Just to vary my daily routine. This time without the risk of me being forced to spend my period with it on. I protested but did not wish to refuse categorically in the end. I bore it for well over two weeks. It was much less unpleasant than I remembered, but not wearing it during my period this time made all the difference. It was unpleasant, nevertheless, since urine collected in the lowest part of the belt which could not be dried easily. A noticable odour developed after only a few hours. To manage, I usually sat down in the shower basin twice a day to rinse myself. The smell problem was sufficiently resolved in this way. This cleaning procedure, however, added to the already high hygienic toil. I cannot pretend to like this accessory very much. I had to wear it until after the next period though. To really get used to it, my husband said, and I accepted this, once again.

I often thought about how it would be if I had to wear a chastity belt for a much longer period, or even forever. Initially I thought I could not endure in the long run. But now I think I could. I could probably live with total denial of sexual activity. At first, I longed for sex, perhaps even more than usual, but the barriers and the waistband managed to quickly chase away those thoughts. Now that I had proved to be able to bear the belt well, I surprised myself by hardly thinking about sex. Yet at this stage I did not plan on wearing the belt any longer than agreed. My husband would certainly not force me to do so if I did not want to.

5 April 97

For the last couple of days I have again been wearing this inconvenient secondary shield and I do not expect to see it removed until after I have had my next period. I already feel bad thinking about it now. The shield is supposed to be a glorious finish to the chastity device. At the moment, imagining how it would be to be locked up for ever, I do not want to be. I want to enjoy sex again to the fullest and see if it is improved at all after this long period of chastity. My almost addictive longing for sexual activity before I was locked in, which sometimes led to masturbation several times a day, has now been completely suppressed by the belt. And thus I seldom think of sex. I feared that the longing for sex would increase during the chastity, but the opposite has happened.

28 April 97

A few weeks separate me from my liberation. The last weeks went by smoothly. The approaching finish has probably contributed to that. I am now certain that one can live locked in for a very long time (but I do not plan to wear it much longer.) I have just had my period with the secondary shield attached. There have been no serious problems this time. Several baths a day maintained my personal hygiene at a sufficient level. I also managed to insert a thin sanitary dressing under my crotch-strap fairly well. Amazing how one can get used to such dramatical inconveniences.

5 May 97

I am still wearing my belt. Rather, I am wearing it again, with the secondary shield installed. I do not know just how long this unforeseen period of confinement will be. The story of why my sentence was extended is as follows.

I was to be released on May 1. We had sent our children to their grandparents so as to avoid any disturbances. I had expected that my husband would relieve me of my tormentor in the morning. He did not take the initiative, however, as if he wished to keep me in doubt for a while. We went on a very nice day out and ate at an excellent restaurant. We got home after ten.

The great moment of my liberation had to be now. My husband told me to strip completely (as completely as I myself could manage!) I obliged after which my husband opened a bottle of champagne and we drank the first glass. I then had to promise not to touch my lower body during the rest of the night. My husband alone would respond to my lust during this evening. My husband then removed the belt (oh! a great moment indeed!). We showered together, my husband taking care of the cleaning of the lower part of my body which I was not to touch. I was so very, very horny that I had extreme difficulties enduring this. My husband was very careful however and it took a long while before I could enjoy my first orgasm. We then proceeded to enjoy some long, incredibly hot and beautiful hours. The long abstinence really paid off for me.

Finally my husband (my husband!) was so tired he could not keep himself awake. My lust was still not quenced, even after several orgasms. So it came to be that I started playing with myself and somehow must have made too much noise. I only noticed that my husband was watching me when it was too late. Then, before I knew it, I was locked back in my belt and my hands were tied behind my back. For the little that was left of the night I had to lie on my stomach to be somewhat comfortable.

The next morning my husband removed the bonds from my hands, but the belt remained on. He would not indicate when this new wearing period, if that was what it would turn out to be, would end. Now he has gone for a week's business trip and has suggested that I will be wearing the belt for a very long time. I have evidently not learned how to control myself.

So here I am, locked in still. I somehow thought this would be different. I not even dreamed of having to wear the belt any longer. I lived entirely for reaching the end date of May 1. As it is, I cannot stand continuing to wear this torture device on my body. To think that I ordered it myself, to celebrate my faith to my husband! Often I think that I must break it, just to remain sane.

13 May 97

I am now in the fortunate position of being able to report that since Monday morning the chastity belt no longer imprisons me, my body. With no prior notice or ceremony my husband unexpectedly came up to me and removed the belt. I am free. I imagine, however, that I understand that a prisoner may feel lost after his release. Even when fully dressed, I feel naked. I appear to have become accustomed to the continuous pressure of the belt. But, I must remind myself (and God know I really do) that I enjoy my new freedom and feel, somehow, a new woman. So far I have not masturbated and I consciously intend not to do so in the future. I know now that I can abstain for a long time and how good sex with my husband can be after such a long period. I want to be able to abstain without external aid in the future.

It will not be easy though. Therefore I agreed on two arrangements with my husband to assist me in my resolve. Firstly, as a deterrent, if my husband catches me masturbating I will have to wear the chastity belt for the following two months continuously. Including the unpleasant secondary shield. If masturbating becomes compulsive again (which means I will end up masturbating several times a day) I am certain to be caught. Secondly, as a further precaution, my husband has kept the keys to my chastity belt. This means that I cannot take it off if I decide to lock myself in. If I think that I am going to lose control, I can only irrevocably avoid the worst by putting on the belt myself. If this happens, from the moment I tell my husband, I will have to wait two weeks until my release. Even when I can not avoid the first orgasm I in this way avoid becoming compulsive again.

I feel calm now. When looking back, I can say that my chaste period has been a very interesting phase of my life. Yes, I am even proud to have made it through, because it has not exactly been easy.

xxx (name withheld)

20 January 1998


Dear reader,

I may have to disappoint you. Since the above, if you will, extreme adventure, not much has happened along those lines. But I have not completely forgotten my chastity belt. Since my adventure I did not touch it for a longer period. But something was missing in my life. Therefore I have worn it again a few times for periods between one and three months. Making love afterwards was always a strong experience. This alone made the forced abstention worthwhile. My most recent chaste phase of three weeks ended on Christmas Eve. The hours following the imprisonment were a wonderful Christmas present.

Do not get me wrong: I did not step into the belt gladly. The start was always very hard. At the same time, that is precisely why it is so stimulating. The changed patterns of movement and the more difficult processes to remain clean I rediscovered instantly and I was not troubled by sore spots like in the beginning.

I will wear the chastity belt again from time to time, but I do not foresee or look forward to another extreme adventure. Recently I often think about how it would be to be locked in for a longer period by means of a piercing. So far I have not had the courage to take a piercing. And I have not seen anything yet along these lines that would result in reducing the possibilities for masturbation sufficiently.

This edition Copyright by Vanna Vechian, 1998. Reproduction allowed only for personal use.