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With Regards

Have you ever tried to find a document you wrote last year? Or last month? Or even yesterday? Can you remember the file name? And did you fill in all of the internal fields in the document, that help you find it. (Or course you did!!!)

Do you want to use Microsoft Word, but find all of the features daunting? Especially, how you name files! Print envelopes and mailing labels!

James Miller

Would you like to store all correspondence for a particular individual together? You do this with a paper file, so why can't you do it on a computer? Cynics would say, that the average computer programmer, is twenty-five with no real business experience! James Miller is not a cynic, but someone, who's well past his sell-by date, who still enjoys solving real problems for real people, who work in the most demanding of industries.

Do you want a word-processing system, that interfaces simply to all of your other systems, like accounts, management and customer support?

Daisy Analysis

James Miller and Daisy Analysis have developed With Regards, as an holistic letter, Fax, document and E-Mail database program, to assist in the providing of affordable solutions for these and other important problems.


The basic With Regards is free and may be Downloaded from our Web Site.


Before you do that check out the With Regards Overview and see how With Regards can be interfaced to other applications.

Copyright 1998 by James Miller of Daisy Analysis