DaisyInterfacing to With Regards


With Regards has been designed with an open structure, so that it can be linked to other applications.

The Air Taxi Operator

Consider the case of an air taxi operator, which is typical of the type of company, that can use the With Regards approach to correspondence to its fullest effect.

Invoices for them are tedious and complicated and depend on all sorts of unknown factors such as winds, air traffic delays, how dodgy the customer is etc. etc. And to make matters worse, they must send out a firm quote and stick to it.

Daisy Analysis wrote a special quoting program for the company, taking the name and address information out of the With Regards database and then storing the summary details of the quote in the Document List. Thus, every quote was then instantly available and could be converted to an invoice at any time. (Note that With Regards can accept hyperlinks in the notes to the actual quotes, which make this process simple and efficient!)

The conversion to an invoice, became a simple selection, check, save and print.

In this case the invoice was not entered into an accounting system automatically, but this could easily have been arranged.

The Telephone Call Shop

As Daisy Analysis is very much involved in the telecommunications industry, through the use of Daisy and MTS-MIS, some of our clients wanted a small people to print invoices in telephone call shops.

A small program was written that interfaced with With Regards, to print the invoices using Word and store them in the database. A side benefit was that it generated a mailing list for the company.

Telephone Billing

On a larger scale, Daisy Analysis has used its expertise in the reading of telecommunications Call Detail Records (CDRs) to produce a comprehensive billing system for a second-level carrier.

See Telecom Accounting for more details.


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