Daisy AnalysisPrint HTML File - Applications

The basic application of Print HTML File is to print an HTML file without the links and with colours reduced to black and white.

However, the program has been designed for other applications :-

  • The file can be printed without the standard headers and footers, so that clean copies can be printed.

  • Use the program to print these clean copies on photographic paper for framing or presentation purposes.

  • Sometimes, you will create two different HTML files; one for display and one for printing.

    If the file is created with special tags that remove the unwanted parts for printing, then Print HTML File can be used to print a clean copy of the display page.

As the program is also available as an Active X component, Dazy2006WebPrint, you can create your own applications. For this you do need a fully-registered version of the ActiveX component.