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The Daisy Print HTML File is one of the Daisy Web Tools, and has been designed to print one or more HTML files directly.

The program uses an Active X component called Dazy2006WebPrint to do the actual printing, which can be incorporated into other programs and systems. We've even got someone who uses this component with a COBOL program!

The files can be printed without the headers and footers used in browsers, and without colours and links if required. This prints clean pages for documentation.

Print HTML File File

The file or files to be printed are chosen and after setting various options, the files can printed quickly without loading into a browser.

Note :-

  1. A file mask can be added as required to select more than one file.

  2. Whole areas in the document can be removed from printing, if they are enclosed in suitable tags such as <NOPRINT>...</NOPRINT>.

    This facility is used in some web pages written by Daisy Analysis to make certain parts of a web page visible during display and hidden during printing.

  3. No registration is needed for the Daisy Print HTML File.

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