Daisy AnalysisRefreshing Browser - Demonstration

The Refreshing Browser has a full demonstration that is setup, when you download and install the program.

Just click the Refreshing Browser - Demo command from the Daisy 2007 Web Tools folder in the Windows start menu..

Note that the demonstration can be run even if the Refreshing Browser has not been registered, although if this has been done it adds extra features and depth.

The demonstration pulls a control file from the Internet and then runs through a series of screens and program sizes and positions. All files used are stored on the Internet.

When it finishes, you are left at the home page of the Refreshing Browser web site, so you can explore how the browser works when it is used as a traditional browser. Remember the Refreshing Browser is actually Internet Explorer in a skin.

The demonstration is controlled by a script file called demo.txt.

View the Script File demo.txt!

There is also a simple download, which just runs the demo. Just download and run.

Download and Run the Daisy 2007 Refreshing Browser Demonstration!