Daisy AnalysisRefreshing Browser - Features

The main features of the Refreshing Browser are a subset of those of the Multiple Browser, with some other subtle ones added to create powerful applications :-

  • Refreshing can be set to any of several different modes, so that any web page can be continuously refreshed to show the latest information.

  • The information can be displayed as a full screen with no toolbars either in the web page or associated with Windows.

  • The program is controlled by a toolbar and a menu.

  • A control panel can also be added to the screen, so that control is still possible even without a caption or a toolbar.

  • The program can also handle a sequence of commands and web pages using a script, controlled by a text file.

  • Printing clean copies of web pages is possible. The annoying header and footer that are printed by a browser can be removed for printing.

This is a substantial upgrade to previous versions of the program.